African safari from Zanzibar

Safari from Zanzibar

Our company organises tailor-made safaris. The price of a safari will vary depending on a number of factors.
The price of a safari depends on how many people in a group are going on such a trip, which national park the trip is to be organised in, how many days or overnights the trip is to be for and the standard of the safari, as you can sleep in both lodges and tents.

Zanzibar safari tour

Safari z Zanzibaru organizacja wycieczki z hotelu

Going on holiday to Zanzibar? This could be the best opportunity for the greatest adventure of your life!
We will organise the perfect Zanzibar safari for you. We will pick you up from your hotel and then drive you to your chosen hotel.



Zanzibar's best safari...

We offer the best safari in Mikumi National Park, with pick-up from your hotel in Zanzibar, transport, full board and drop off at your hotel.

With us, you have a guide and a car only at your disposal in the price. Which means you can concentrate on finding the animals that interest you most.
We won’t throw you into a group with other people and only transport you for a few hours through the safari. You’ll remember our trip for a long time, because it really is the best combination of quality and price!

Go on an African safari while on holiday in Zanzibar


Safari z Zanzibaru w Parku Narodowym Mikumi

Tanzania safari prices

How much does a safari from Zanzibar cost?

Zanzibar safaris, like any other safari we organise, are priced individually, depending on how many people want to go with you on such an expedition, how many days the safari is to last and which National Park is to be the destination. However, we have sample quotes so that you can get an idea of how much such a safari in Tanzania costs. For a detailed quote, please contact us.
The most popular safari from Zanzibar is the Mikumi Park safari. Jest to bardzo popularny park, ze względu na swoją odległość od Zanzibaru oraz na cenę.
Park Mikumi to też bardzo duża ilość zwierząt. Jest ich tam sporo, w porównaniu z wieloma innymi parkami. Dlatego jest to nasze najpopularniejsze safari z Zanzibaru, skąd wszyscy nasi goście wracają zachwyceni.

What information do we need for the valuation?


How many people are going on safari with you?

which national park

The most affordable national park for a safari from Zanzibar is Mikumi, due to distance and price. However, we can arrange a safari in any park in Tanzania.

number of nights

How many nights do you want to stay on safari (we discourage day safaris due to the amount of time spent admiring the animals, and the price is practically the same as an overnight safari).

where you want to start

If you are in Zanzibar, we can pick you up from your hotel, but if you want to start your adventure in Dar es Salaam, Arusha, Kilimanjaro etc. then we can pick you up right there.

Ile kosztuje safari w Afryce w Tanzanii

Contact us by email ([email protected]) so we can quote a safari for you. Frank (our guide) will provide an on-site quote, taking into account park entrance fees, fuel costs, accommodation costs, ferries and planes – depending on which safari and mode of transport you choose.


Zanzibar Safari

Najlepsze safari w Afryce z Zanzibaru

A safari from Zanzibar gives you the opportunity to see the real wildlife of Africa and virtually all the animals that live there!

Spending time on a paradise holiday, you can hop off for 2 days to see real African wildlife and animals such as lions, hippos, giraffes, buffalo, vultures, hyenas, antelope and much more.

Our most popular safari from Zanzibar, is Mikumi National Park, where you’ll find all the animals found in the most popular parks, except rhinos.

Wycieczka na safari afrykańskie w Tanzanii z wyspy Zanzibar

What do you need to watch out for when looking for safari deals?

When going on safari, be sure to organise your trip with a certified guide.

Many pseudo-companies offer one-day safari tours from Zanzibar, but in case of any problems, it is the safari guests who are left without help.

Therefore, the Zanzibar authorities have released a regulation (pictured left) according to which unlicensed guides are not allowed to offer safari tours.

Remember to always check that the person offering you a safari is licensed to safely organise safaris in Tanzania’s national parks.