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Safari in Tanzania - a real African safari!

How to organize a safari in Africa in Tanzania? We will organize for you the perfect safari in the national parks of Tanzania. With us you can count on the best combination of quality and price.

How to organize a safari in Africa?

If you are going on a trip to mainland Tanzania, or to Zanzibar, we can arrange for you to have a safari pick you up from your hotel of choice and drive you back to your hotel of choice at the end of the trip.

Our safaris from Zanzibar are very popular with people vacationing in Zanzibar.

We will pick you up from Zanzibar and drive you to your hotel in Zanzibar after the safari. 

The best safaris at attractive prices....

We are a small local company that can perfectly organize a great safari so that it does not cost too much.

Our guide Frank is a specialist who has been involved in safaris for many years. He knows how to find animals and knows a whole lot of very interesting stories on animals in different national parks in Tanzania.

100% booking security – all paid on the spot. No prepayment and no security!

Najlepsze safari w Afryce z Zanzibaru

How much does a real safari in Africa cost

Want to find out how much a tailor-made, customized safari in Tanzania costs? Write to us for how many days you want to go on safari and which of the national parks of Tanzania you want to go to.

If you do not know which national park to choose for your safari, we will help you make your choice. See our site for more information on the various national parks in Tanzania and the prices of safaris in these parks.

Which safari to choose?

Not sure which national park in Tanzania to choose for your safari?
We can help you choose the option that suits you best. Much will depend on where you want the entire trip to depart from.

If you are going to Zanzibar, the nearby Mikumi National Park may be a good option. If you are starting out in Arusha or Kilimanjaro, the Serengeti and Ngorongoro Crater may be a good choice.

Arrange a safari from Zanzibar....

Going on vacation to Zanzibar? There has never been a better opportunity to see a real safari than now.

We organize safari with pick up from your hotel from Zanzibar and then after the safari we will drive you to the hotel of your choice We will arrange all the tickets and all the transportation. You only need to get up in the morning when the driver arrives.