safari tanzania

Which safari to choose?

What is the best safari to choose for your first time in Africa? Which safari to choose from Zanzibar and what are the most expensive and cheapest safaris?
How long should a safari be to be able to say you’ve really been on an African safari and not just been ticked off?


Safari z Zanzibaru w Parku Narodowym Mikumi

Why go on a safari with a minimum 1-night stay?

Which safari is worth choosing? How long to stay on safari?
These are the questions most often asked, from people who are planning to go on an African safari in Tanzania.

Why choose a safari with a minimum 1-night stay?

1. Because the animals are most active around sunrise and sunset, while on a one-night safari you are only there for a few hours and don’t actually see either.
2. The price of an overnight and full board safari is practically the same as the price of a few hours safari.
3. You will see a beautiful sunset and sunrise over the African continent.

Which safari will work best for you?

We offer the best safari in Mikumi National Park, with pick-up from your hotel in Zanzibar, transport, full board and drop off at your hotel.

With us, you have a guide and a car only at your disposal in the price. Which means you can concentrate on finding the animals that interest you most.
We won’t throw you into a group with other people and only transport you through the safari for a few hours. You’ll remember our trip for a long time, because it really is the best combination of quality and price!

Which safari in Africa to choose?

Safari Krater Ngorongoro

The Ngorongoro Crater is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

A guaranteed amazing experience on this African safari.


The most popular Serengeti National Park – we will organise the best possible safari for you.

A Serengeti safari includes an animal trek at a certain time of the year, which can also be seen from a balloon flight. In other words, a safari you won’t forget for the rest of your life!


Mikumi National Park in Tanzania is probably the most underrated park in Tanzania. 

You’ll find almost all the animals there (apart from the rhinos), and you can save a lot compared to safaris in other African parks.